Sunday, 6 July 2014


Some years ago I created eight mosaic panels for 
Sidcup library in Kent.

Originally these were set into the pedestrian approach to the library as slabs in the ground but following an upgrade in the pedestrian areas we have retrieved, restored and re-sited the panels onto the exterior walls of the library.

The mosaics were originally designed around a collaboration of writers working with the public to determine specific words that describe the nature of books.  I really enjoyed the design process of conceiving a "graphic" for each of the words.

My brilliant metal worker, Rob Longley of Cranbrook Iron came up with some beautifully crafted retaining clamps in galvanised steel to hold the heavy panels in place and with the aid of my son Tom and some serious epoxy anchor systems we managed to get all eight panels installed today by 1.30pm

As Pete and Dud would say........

"I thought funny!!!"

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